Tyler Weber

2011-2013 Cohort

Tyler completed his Master in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health at the University of Minnesota with a global health concentration. Tyler was placed with the Milwaukee Health Department and with the Lindsay Heights Neighborhood Health Alliance. Although not an exhaustive list, he found himself working to advance the Innovation and Wellness Commons, leading the Lindsay Heights Community Research Council, working with a Men’s Wellness Council, and managing a WPP 3-year full implementation grant to expand the work of the Men’s Wellness Council. Tyler also formed the Lindsay Heights Health Professional Network, updated the Milwaukee Health Department’s STD webpage, served as member of the Zilber School of Public Health Summer Team, mentored two TRIUMPH students, served as an organizer for Partners in Health, and built a partnership between MHD’s Empowering Families of Milwaukee program and the Walnut Way Conservation Corporation. Preceptor: Jessie Tobin and Geof Swain