Colleen Moran

2013-2015 Cohort

Colleen completed her dual MPH/MS in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Throughout her graduate school career, she worked with the UW Population Health Institute in the Health Policy Program. As a Fellow, she focused her work on the intersection between public health and planning, exploring the ways urban and regional planners can incorporate a health lens in the planning process to create healthier communities. During her Fellowship she worked on many projects that focused on this aim, including resolution writing for both the American Planning Association Chapter of Wisconsin (APA-WI) and the Wisconsin Public Health Association (WPHA), participating in conference planning for joint collaboration, planning and running a grant-funded joint workshop, and creating and running a collaborative group of planner and public health professionals around the state. Colleen also focused her efforts on increasing Health in All Policies (HiAP). One of the resolutions she wrote is for the use of a HiAP framework by both organizations. She also provided many trainings on and technical assistance for Health Impact Assessment (HIA) which is a useful tool for HiAP, created a Healthy Meetings Guidelines toolkit to begin to create a culture shift in meeting practices, and worked on a climate and health grant that incorporates health concerns into various climate related policies and programs. She also worked on projects that focused on making the healthy choice the easy choice through increasing healthy food options at corner stores and increasing access to physical activity in the built environment. She completed her Fellowship with the Wisconsin Division of Public Health in the Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health and the Chronic Disease Prevention Unit. Preceptors: Chuck Warzecha and Mary Pesik.